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So please, get yourself a cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa, sit down and take a look.

Once again, Welcome to Howaco Glass!

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Uroboros 104coe Clear Noodles are here
Uroboros is making clear noodles in 104coe. Like all of
their products, the quality and clarity of this clear is
fantastic. The noodles are approximately 5mm wide and
1mm thick. Fantastic for encasing. They are about 17
inches long and approximately 20 pieces per 5 ounce
Uroboros Clear Rods 104coe
If you have not heard, Uroboros Glass is now making
a 104coe clear rod.

To see some examples of this glass you can read
about it here on LE:
Uroboros Clear discussion
Uroboros Clear 104coe - 6mm x 13" long
1 Pound - $19.95
1/2 Pound - $9.98
1/4 Pound - $4.99
Single Rod - $1.10
Uroboros Clear Noodles 104coe
Lots of new confetti
colors from Uroboros
You can find them all on
Confetti Page
Effetre Clear Frit
Perfect for making
sugar beads or
encasing your beads.
The size is 0.8-2mm.

You can find it on my
104coe Page
Effetre 3-4mm Rods available
It has been a long time since I have had
this size of Crystal Clear in stock. 3-4mm
is a fantastic size for quick and easy

You can find them on this page:
Effetre Transparent
96coe Uroroboros
I now have Uroboros
96coe Clear rods in
size 10mm.

You can find it on my
96coe Rods
104coe Dichro Bits
Dichro Bits are prefired and so easy to
use. The pieces are small enough to
place on your bead without the hassle
of needing to cut off or burn off a dichro

You can find it on my
104 Dichro Page
20g Fine Silver Round Wire
Perfect for making head pins.

You can find it on my
Silver Wire page
Small Enamel Sifter
You can find it on my
Enamel page or my
Miscellaneous page
Millefiori Slices
All my millefiori rods are now
available in slices so you can
receive a full ounce of the same
pattern. Approximately 120-150
slices per ounce. You can find
them on my
Millefiori page.
Effetre Carnelian
After a very long time of being
unavailable, Effetre Carnelian is
once again available. You can
find it on my
Opalino Page
Howaco Glass is closed and will
reopen on or before September 1st

Why you ask?

I have come to the realization that after a very long time of trying to work on building a new website, it just is not going to happen
without me being able to work on it full time until it is done.

My current website is not stable and loses information that I update on it, making it not reliable for keeping items properly
marked as in or out of stock and for some unknown reason, it loses pictures or text and takes just to much time to try to keep it
up and running/fixed properly. So the time has come to get a new site done. Which will be a much better shopping experience
for you and a much easier system for me to maintain.

Also, I also came to the realization that it has been way, way to many years since I have taken a vacation. So I am going to
on the new website full steam and sometime during the month I am going to take a few days off.  

Since I will be here working on the website for the better part of the month, if you find yourself in a pinch desperately needing

something, feel free to email me at howacoglass@yahoo.com and ask if I can ship out an order and I will let you know if I am in a
position of being able to ship out an order or not. I don't want to leave anyone in a lurch because I am closed, but I realistically
know that I will not be able to get a new website done while working full time shipping orders.

A month will seam like a long time to be closed, but if I find that I am able to complete the new website faster then I anticipate,

then I will reopen sooner. A new site might build faster then I am expecting, or it could be harder then I expect. I have to admit
that I am nervous to find out which it will be! I know my current website software coding inside and out, but I will be learning
whole new format so I am not sure what to expect.

Thank you so very much. And if you do have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me as I will be checking
my email a
t least a couple times a day.