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I have added some glass
cutters. You can find them in
Tools - Cutting Page
New Items
I am reorganizing the navagation bar to make it easier for you to find items.  
If you have any suggestions or need help finding anything, please feel to
email me at  Thank you! P.S. Sometimes when
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Holy Roller - can be found
on my
Tools - General page
3/16 Big Hole Bead
Reamer can be found on
Tools - General page
Stainless Steel Serrated Tweezers can
be found on my
Tools - General page
8 Inch Straight Hemostat
can be found on my
Tools - General page
The Cab Snap & Switch
system allows you to
interchange jewelry simply
and quickly. Just snap off
the disc from the jewelry
base and snap on your next
cabochon. You can find
them in my
Fusing Page
I now have 3" long
beadable pendant
bars available.
Find them on my
Beadable Items
Keep scrolling down. I have added lots of new items.
Custom Silver
Mica Powder

This mica is great, it
actually looks like
silver. Find it on my
Mica Page
Gold Mica Flakes

Nothing better then
gold. Gold mica flakes
are fantastic in beads
or used in fusing. They
are on my
Mica Page
Gallery Pendants

Talk about easy
beautiful jewelry.
Just fuse your glass
pieces and change
them to suit your
mood. Find them on
Fusing Page
Back in
Pale Amethyst
Steel Gray
Dark Periwinkle
Yellow Ocher
Goldstone Stringer
Pale Aquamarine
Ivory Stringers
Uranium Yellow
Pearl Gray
Pale Blue
Ink Blue
Blue  Rose
Effetre shipment came in. Lots of colors that
were out of stock are now here. Including
some that were out of stock for a very long
Limited Edition
Green and Avorio
Petroleum Green
both can be found
on my