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Uroboros 104coe Clear Noodles are here
Uroboros is making clear noodles in 104coe. Like all of
their products, the quality and clarity of this clear is
fantastic. The noodles are approximately 5mm wide and
1mm thick. Fantastic for encasing. They are about 17
inches long and approximately 20 pieces per 5 ounce
Uroboros Clear Rods 104coe
If you have not heard, Uroboros Glass is now making
a 104coe clear rod.

To see some examples of this glass you can read
about it here on LE:
Uroboros Clear discussion
Uroboros Clear 104coe - 6mm x 13" long
1 Pound - $19.95
1/2 Pound - $9.98
1/4 Pound - $4.99
Single Rod - $1.10
Uroboros Clear Noodles 104coe
The Flow Magazine
9th Annual Women
in Glass Issue
You can find it on the
Books-Torchworking page
Bead Stand's to
show off your
favorites beads
You can find them on
Beadable Items
Star CZ's
For that bead
you want to be
extra special.
Find them on
CZ Page
Aventurine Blue
You can find them on the
Effetre Stringers Page
New items listed on the
Odds-n-Ends Page, check it out.
Copper Mesh
Loose Weave
Great new copper to
use in your torch
working. Find it on
Metal Mesh Page
You can find
them on my
Mica Page
Dark Silver Plum Unique
This is a rare treat. The middle
longer rod is the normal Dark
Silver Plum. The gunmetal black
rods are Dark Silver Plum
Unique. You can find them on
Odds-n-Ends Page
Large Tweezer Mashers
We all love the standard tweezer mashers,
now we have a large size. Find them on my
Tools Mashing Page
Thimble Mandrels
Available in two sizes. Find them
on my
Mandrels Page
Puffy Mandrels are now in stock.
You can find them on my
Mandrels and Tubing Page
Stone Ground
Alley Cat
Some new colors and some colors that
have been out of stock for a really long
time are now back in stock. You can find
all of them on our
CIM Page
The new CIM colors are here and also some back in stocks
Orange Crush
Green Lantern
It Ain't Easy Being
Jelly Fish
Jupiter Storm

Some of the new colors are coming in very
limited quantities so don't wait to order.
colors are
back in stock
I was not
expecting these
colors, so it is a
nice surprise that
they are here.
101 Maraschino
111 Bing
492 Sherwood
500 Azure
569 Smurphy
667 Poi
780 Maple
835 Peace
Double Helix Arke
is available
Sample beads of Arke >>>>>>>

Arke can develop exterior metallic finishes
of silver, gold, green, red and blue.
Find it on my
Double Helix page
Due to a family issue, Howaco Glass will be closed for a few days. If you
already placed an order, the order is being processed and will ship.  If
you ordered after this notice was posted, I will be resuming shipping on
Friday the 25th.