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I received in MORE
Oceanside Rods!!
(formerly Uroboros)
It is wonderful to see some rod colors arrive! Not a huge selection yet, but
the rods are being produced and more colors will be coming in the future.
No, I do not have a date yet for the next round of colors, but I am thrilled to
have received the colors I have! You can find them under the 96 coe tab,
then under
Oceanside Rods.
Well, the time has come to make a tough
decision. Because my suppliers are in states
that are in mandatory shut down for
non-essential businesses my supply chain

has come to a screeching halt.

Because I am at a small location it is not
uncommon for me to order supplies daily
because of space constraints. So I know that
my supply chain shut down, I will be out
of a bulk of my items imminently.

So, what does this actually mean?
I am here, and can respond to email or calls.
If you put an order through there is a slight
I will have the items to ship
immediately. But it is
more likely I will have to
wait for my shipments to come in. Which
means I could start shipping 8th-9th. But trust
me when I say, I will be so beyond grateful for
any orders I get during this time.

This is such a difficult time for everyone right
and my heart hurts for anyone that is
struggling. We will get through this, it is just
going to be a bit bumpy for a bit. Having my
store for over 15 years I feel like you are all
family and I hoping all of you will be ok.

~ JameyLynn
Closed until April 7th*
*Sort of, mostly, technically yes, please read
the notes below. And April 7th is subject to
change, time will tell what happens in the future.